Practically Perfect Daybeds

Comfy couch by day, dreamy bed by night, daybeds are dangerous!! There is always the chance that a brief moment of respite with your favourite mag and cup of coffee, nestled amongst layers of cushions could turn into an accidental Nana nap……….

Then you wake with a start to discover you are late to pick the kids up from school and there is no possible way you are going to drop one off at the skate park and make it to ballet on time………..

The invention of the daybed borders on genius, they can be used in almost any room in the house, even outdoors. They can be placed in front of windows and work especially well if your space requires that the bed has to be pushed hard against the wall. A bed disguised as an oversized couch that manages to roll style, practicality and luxury all into one piece of furniture.

I think you need one. Just don’t put it in your office and decide that you deserve an afternoon break, even if you have been up since 5:30am and your feeling exhausted!!



Daybeds 2


Daybeds 3



I am feeling so inspired right now!! I have just been reading a blog post from Finding Home by McAlpine Tankersley Architecture where they share an interview with Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier conducted by Marni Jameson.
If you have not seen their work before, prepare to be amazed. They offer many different styles, none of which we tend to see here in Australia.
There homes are character filled, warm, inviting and brave. They encourage comfortable rooms that genuinely reflect the owner …….“Home is where, above all, you are who you are. When you mimic your own self and the contradictions that are you, you create an environment that is the only place in the whole world like that.” Everyone has a personal style, some just need a little help assembling it!!

McAlpine 5


McAlpine 2




McAlpine 4


McAlpine 7


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McAlpine 8



Bathrooms need:

Details!!!! Other than the functional items that are required in a bathroom, there are some essentials items required for bathing bliss…….

Hero lighting will completely define the room, use it to set the mood. Make it big and make a statement. Practical fittings can be mounted closer to the mirrors if necessary.

Shelving is a must, providing a home for display using items such as candles, art, extra towels and whatever else takes your fancy.

Hooks and rails for hanging towels, robes and accessories.

Stools or seating to drape your dry towel or clothes on, so they are at the ready when you step out of your steamy bath or shower.

Greenery! Bring the outside in, it adds life to any room. Ferns, flowers, pots and plants. No matter if they are alive or pretend its a must.

Avoid the sterile, hospital look and add some colour, be it dramatic, playful, calming or cosy, colour creates an atmosphere like nothing else can.

Texture; rustic timber, fluffy towels and mats, sisal, rattan and baskets, metals such as copper, bronze and brass, these things dress the room, add layers to create the perfect bathroom.

Bathe 1

 All images via Pinterest