Bronze and Blue

I am turning 40 this month and feeling blue………with bronze with a little black!

My big birthday has prompted plenty of quiet contemplation and has affirmed one thing for me; be happy!  It has made me super happy to have collected a little bronze and blue inspiration for you. Combined with leather, marble, timber or wrought iron, this combination is easy on the eye, like a stormy sky and hot chocolate, and suddenly I am longing for a project to use this colour palette!!

Blue and bronze moodboard

Bronze with blue is not a colour palette you see regularly but is one of my favourites. Deep blue brings softness to a space whilst still making a bold statement. Bronze is earthy and warm. The two colours combined are deep, cosy, rich and refined.

I feel change coming. Family beware………


Using a quote to inspire room design

Most interior designers or stylists develop the concept for a space around something that inspires them. An idea that sparks a series of mental pictures that merge to create the details of the finished product. Decorating and styling inspiration can be sparked by loads of different influences: nature, fashion and travel often stimulate ideas.  A significant purchase such as an artwork or rug can become the designers muse. Regularly we have boundaries, such as linking to an existing style or a colour scheme but other times the options seem endless.

More often than not for me it’s the personality of the soul occupying the space, a mood I’d like to create or a story I’d like to tell. But have you ever considered using a quote to inspire room design? I don’t know about you, but since becoming acquainted with Pinterest and Instagram, I love a great quote. They have a big impact for something that is often no longer than a sentence.

My absolute favourite interiors mag, Real Living, published a story earlier in the year based around reinventing your space with words of wonder and I have been fascinated with the notion ever since. What a clever and unique starting point! We all interpret words differently and we all know when a quote really resonates with us. The silent head nod or involuntary smile that a good quote can generate.

So next time your lacking visual inspiration, why not comb through your favourite quotes and then jot down every idea that relates? Do the words inspire bold or quiet colours? Vivid or peaceful patterns? Should the outcome present as petite and sophisticated or epic and memorable? Get inspired by the power of the written word……

We ought to look as if we might misbehave

Timber beams and exposed lighting create a warehouse feel and I’ve always thought industrial spaces could host the greatest parties! Bold imagery, brash colour and raw finishes add a defiant yet cheerful vibe to this rustic space.

A room does not need to be perfect to be beautiful

Weathered and worn will always win out over shiny and new if you ask me. Include a cosy couch to curl up on, throw a cushion on the floor, add somewhere to put down your drink and you have everything you could possibly need!

At the end of the Day

Provincetown Beach Cabin

This space has adventure written all over it! Traverse a ladder to make your morning coffee, lounge with feet up while you ponder your plans for the day and check your cheeks are rosy in the driftwood mirror before you set out to see what thrills and spills the day may bring.

All image via Pinterest

Quotes have attitude, use the sentiment you feel to create a room that reflects your point of view. Need a hand? I have two!! Contact me and together we can insert some feeling into your space.


Bohemian Christmas on the Beach

This year I will be having Christmas dinner at the beach! In a marquee!! I am so excited!!! Sorry, I’ll stop with exclamation marks now. Our theme is Boho and we are having the hugest spread of picnic food you can imagine and are dressing up appropriately.

Setting the scene for a Boho Christmas beach picnic

Setting the scene for a Boho Christmas beach picnic

These amazing images that perfectly sum up the vibe I hope to create are sourced from

My job is the decorating so of course I have been collecting ideas and inspiration. Given that everything needs to be transported and assembled on the day I have really had to give some serious thought into Christmas dining essentials and keeping things to a bare minimum. Still the list is quite long…..


Christmas dining cannot be enjoyed without reasonable plates, cutlery, drinking glasses and napkins.

Dinnerware inspiration for our Boho Beach Christmas

Dinnerware inspiration for our Boho Beach Christmas

Serving trays

Another dining essential for displaying the delicious fare as well as being practical for our beach picnic to transport and serve the yummy food. Cheese platters and cake plates with some variation in height are perfect. A centrepiece is out of the question because the table will be filled with food. So I am intending to create something we can suspend above the table from the peak of the marquee.

Suspended centrepiece to make room for the trays of food

Suspended centrepiece to make room for the trays of food


Christmas is not Christmas without a special vibe and to create the magic some form of decoration is a necessity. Our Bohemian Christmas theme has me working on a long low timber table surrounded by tonnes of quilts and cushions where we can sit crosslegged to eat our meal.  A table runner will serve to anchor the theme while candles and foliage will add sparkle and life to the table.

Rustic Bohemian table styling suitable for the beach

Rustic Bohemian table styling suitable for the beach

Table styling with foliage and food

Table styling with foliage and food

All images via Pinterest

Add some music and the laughter of loved ones to the backdrop of waves breaking on the sand and I am quite sure I will be one of the luckiest people on earth on Christmas day!

Need help styling an event or space? Contact me!


Summer Styling inspired by America’s Southwest

Can you imagine that its you laying in the macrame hammock suspended over cool blue water?

Imagine that its you lazing in this hammock suspended over cool blue water some place in America’s Southwest. Rural New Mexico, Phoenix Arizona or even California’s West coast. I’m there……….you?

Beckoned inside I wander under arched entryways past the splash of courtyard fountains skirted with jagged cacti visible behind rustic wrought iron gates and enter the home through ornately carved front doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows show sweeping views of the desert scenery, soft, hazy and warm. All I need now is a mojito……wanna join me?

The desert landscape has a look that is all its own; vast expanses of clear sky and sand, intense sunlight, bleached colour, rocky terrain, spongy succulents and spiky grasses. Southwestern style is a blend of Native American, Spanish and Old West where cool stone walls and floors coupled with exposed timbers create a style that is laid back, raw and rustic.

A little bit tribal;

Raw timber, kilim cushions and animal hide is all a little bit tribal....

With a touch of Boho…….

A touch of Southwestern Boho

And a smudge of surfer style……

A smudge of Southwestern surfer style

Steal your Summer styling ideas from the desert colours, Native Indian inspired patterned throws and floor rugs, textured kilim cushions, wrought iron decoration and reclaimed wooden furniture. Add some soft feathers dangling from a dream catcher, a few bleach bones and a potted cactus.  Throw in anything macrame, ikat, animal hide, leather or wicker and your all set for a rockin’ Summer! So what do you say? Time for a change up from the typical nautical style summer decor?

Southwest Rustic Cabin with arched windows , timber walls and patterned runner to beckon you inside.

Old west meets outlaw gypsy

Macrame and Ikat

Southwest Rocker meets Californian Cool

All images via Pinterest

Lenny Kravitz likes it……….. :)

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