The Magic of Metallics

Still looking for ways to warm up these last few weeks of Winter? I am having the best time working with a client at the moment who is not afraid of colour. (I know she wont mind if I show it off!) We have settled on a beautiful palette of charcoal and cream with pops of orange and I am really excited to be playing around with such a warm, bold colour!

Kims Moodboard

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Ideas have been buzzing around in my brain as I contemplate ways to add that special something to make her space shine and I cant go past metallics. Everything copper, bronze, and gold has been capturing my attention this week and I just have to share my enthusiasm regarding their ability to warm a room. Light bounces of these beauties creating excitement and glamour. Burnished and beaten, they look stunning against a dark back drop and paired with softer elements to balance the boldness metallics lend a subtle shimmer that makes a room magical!

Magical Metallics

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Introduce a hint of bling with a metallic side table, picture frame, tea lights or a lamp. Too much starts to look a little tacky so choose wisely and balance the look with softer elements.  So many amazing and inspirational ideas I couldn’t include all my favourites so I pinned them on my Metallics board. Let me know which ones you like best!

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Branching Out; Indoor Plants

Have you noticed? Indoor plants are making a comeback! (Along with macrame but that’s another blog post). Up until a year or so ago I would try and budget for a weekly bunch of fresh flowers or raid my garden (or someone else’s :) ) to add that special vibe to a room that only living things can. But it gets depressing constantly watching your blooms die.

Indoor plants were something I rarely considered, only because my green thumb is more like muddy brown and I am excellent at killing plants outdoors, let alone indoors! The change came about accidentally when I purchased a beautiful rustic concrete urn that deserved a place on my kitchen bench. Too large to keep constantly full of flowers, I popped a potted peace lily in it which, 12 months on, is still alive and kicking.

Along the way my brain began to point out the benefits; not only are indoor plants less expensive than constantly purchasing flowers, but, if you select the right ones they flourish and grow. Then whilst reading my most recent Collective mag, I discover that studies have proven they can also help improve creativity, increase wellbeing and actively decrease stress levels. Big plus! Bringing the outdoors inside helps to purify and add moisture to the air while improving ones ability to focus. Sold! I now own an indoor palm, birds nest fern, a rubber plant and something beautiful my Dad bought me that only needs to be watered once a month! Oh and some succulents!

The only question remaining is how many is too many??

Indoor plants; how many is too many?

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Branching out; Bring the outside inside.

Image source: One, Two.

Branching Out; Spiky succulents and faux ferns.

Image Source: One, Two.

Branching Out; Indoor plants for every room.

Image source: One, Two.

So is your home missing something? There are so many reasons to consider introducing some life to your living space. And every other room of the house for that matter! Should you require any further inspiration for your space, I’m your girl!! No problem too small, Oh, and to follow some of my indoor plant attempts this is me on Instagram.


Tribal Inspiration

Love me some tribal inspiration which is all I have for you this week. Have had a couple of horrendous migraines over the last few days which have set me behind big time (insert pouty face). Hence image one. This is kinda how I feel……

Hey I heard you were a wild one?

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Three super simple ways to introduce a little tribal to a room; cushions, bedlinen or a rug. See what one piece can do?


How one tribal piece can transform a room.

Image via Elle Decor

Need help styling a superb space of your own? I would love to help! Yearning for some unique inspiration or the best options for arranging the furniture you already have? Check out my design services for planning you can implement yourself, on your budget and in your own timeframe.


Dark Details

Lately I find myself intrigued by Scandinavian design. Very strange sentence to introduce a post titled Dark Details, I know. But here’s the thing, despite not being a huge fan of white and bright interiors, I find myself frequently admiring Nordic interior photography. I follow a few blogs from that side of the world; Love WarriorsPaulina Arcklin and My World Apart and am intensely drawn to online store Indie Home Collective and the Instagram feed of Michelle Halford The Design Chaser. So what is going on with me?? I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about identifying your own unique style and decided to take some of my own advice. I began to note down everything that caught my attention in these images that I seemed to be repeatedly intrigued with.

The warmth of natural leather and the texture of the timbers featured, particularly the raw finishes. Animal hides; Icelandic sheepskin and reindeer hides softening every surface. Black and white photography, typography and combinations of both displayed in stunning graphic designed wall art. Crumpled linen mixed with chunky woollen throws and rugs. Minimal pattern, loads of grey and always some kind of house plant or simple floral display.

Is there anything stopping me displaying these elements against my moody back drop? Of course not!! The pale colours and raw timber provide a perfect contrast to dark walls……imagine twilight with storm clouds and lightning, moody oceans lapping against an eroding shoreline or a full moon at midnight. Dark Details is my twist on Scandi, the things I love mixed together to create my own unique style. What is yours?

Dark Details

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