Summertime Sadness

Woah! Where did January go??!! Being an extreme lover of summertime, it feels as though I wait all year for it to come around only to have it rush by so quickly leaving me facing another year of waiting.I really need to learn to embrace all the seasons but its a little difficult when you intensely dislike being cold!

The break has seen me contemplating the coming year and where I would like it to take me. Not in the far fetched New Years resolution kind of way, more so the standing at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn kind of way. Sometimes life offers you no choice but to follow the road that you’re on, but for me, this year, I am faced with the fact that I can’t stand at the crossroads  forever staring left and right, I really have to move one way or another or I might be due for a collision.

Im not typically a risk taker and have always prioritised lifestyle over making money. I am not scared of hard work but am frightened of neglecting my family, missing out on milestones and not being available when they need me. The kids have reached an age though where they need me less and less and at the same time I’ve reached an age where I have realised the importance of giving my own goals and dreams more consideration.

So it it is with a mixture of excitement and apprehension that I look down the barrel of 2016 at the potential possibilities, wrestling with my capabilities whilst trying not to overlook the opportunities staring back at me.

I need more summertime.

I need more Summertime.

Left or right I wonder……….?


Christmas Styling Ideas

Christmas styling is about creating a mood. The vibe you want to feel when you walk through the front door. The atmosphere you want your family and friends to experience when they visit.  There is no wrong way to style your space when you keep this in mind. Do you enjoy a colourful, loud christmas or a quiet, comfortable sentiment? Does minimal and spacious help keep you calm or is busier better? It’s probably no secret that I love dark, muted tones, rustic finishes and natural fabrics. Add to this metallic accents, reflective surfaces and sparkling lights and I am in my element. I make slight changes from year to year as trends come and go and my taste evolves but essentially I want to create a relaxed, comfortable mood with lashings of thrills and excitement tempered with sentiment and tradition……….

One of my specialties is coming up with low cost and small space ideas. You can ALWAYS find a way to create something beautiful without spending a tonne if you set your mind to it.

Simple Christmas tree alternatives

Anticipation plays a big part in constructing a mood and nothing generates excitement like an advent calendar. Not all your decorations have to scream Christmas either, collect everyday items with the texture and colours you want on display and group them into vignettes.

Rustic Christmas Cheer

Recycled brown paper and a sprig or garland of greenery add warmth and life to any display and have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Brown paper and a sprig or garland of greenery create magic at Christmas time

Candles and string lights produce an ambience like nothing else can. I’ve no words to explain the happiness these simple additions can bring.

Light up the entry and let the decorations spill outside

Hang a wreath, suspend some ornaments, group items together for impact and create a vibe that makes you and your loved ones smile! It needn’t be difficult or expensive, it is a little time consuming but I promise you, the satisfaction of experiencing the atmosphere and watching the effect it has on others is more than worth it!

Don't forget DIY decorations when pennies are tight

All images via Pinterest

I’d love to see how you decorate your space for christmas! (I truely am a sticky beak!) I will pop some images from my place over at{mine} If you haven’t discovered this site yet you NEED to check it out! Interior lovers from all over the world post photos of their space. It’s super inspiring!!

Happy Christmas styling :)


Rearrange your Furniture for the Holidays

You know what they say right? A change is as good as a holiday! Well today I’m swapping it up and saying holiday is a good reason for change. Why, I hear you ask? Because the way we use a space and its points of focus change with the seasons. Plus I get bored easily and its good fun!

There are a few things you need to consider if you are ready to shake things up and rearrange your furniture……

Will it fit?

I’m a great one for dragging things around only to discover the new position doesn’t allow enough room to walk through a doorway or the height looks wrong or the console is too small for that wall. Before you get too creative, grab a tape measure and check if your idea is as good as you think it is. Scale is super important; oversized is great until you cant see past it while a number of pieces thrown together that are too small can actually make a room look and feel cluttered.

What vibe do you want to create?

Cosy or spacious? Formal or relaxed? The arrangement of your furniture plays a huge role in the atmosphere of your space. Symmetry can be super formal and uptight if you arrange to maximise floor space. And for many of us this tends to be the instinctive course of action, to push everything back against the walls, leaving a large void in the centre of the room. Try shifting furniture away from the walls and arranging around a focal point. Don’t be afraid to make people walk around things! As long as there is enough room to do so comfortably this generally leads to more visually interesting and relaxed space.

Symmetry creates a more formal arrangement

Function is important but how does it look?

Approach your room from each entrance and take a quick pic. Your picture reveals how a stranger sees your space, its first impression if you like. Take note of your focal points and how many you need to gently guide the eye around the room. What is the first thing that captures your attention? Is there a gap or void that needs something to visually balance the room, or is it too busy and you need to pair back? Line is something most of us overlook too. Scan the room and visually note the height of your individual pieces of furniture. Do you find your eye travelling up and down? Its best to try and group items together of similar height especially around the walls creating a gentle wavy horizontal line rather than a harsh zigzag. Of course, you can balance this easily with wall art, shelving or something similar.

Be aware of balance and line as your eye moves around the room.

Please don’t get too serious and take all the fun out of it either. The best furniture placement is sometimes random and unexpected. Make some pieces mobile, an ottoman, small table or benches, lightly scaled chairs. Don’t stress about rules like rug size and having everything matching. Do mix styles and make it reflect your personality and do reign in the colour palette or at least keep things complimentary.

Rearrange your furniture

All images via Pinterest

Keep your furniture away from the walls where practical, create balance and check the line is not too harsh. Don’t be afraid to be bold but remember to reign in your colour palette.
Rearrange your furniture around a focal point and if you can, bring the outside in!

My new arrangement centres around our Christmas tree. It’s enormous and I love it! What will be your new focal point……..?


Bronze and Blue

I am turning 40 this month and feeling blue………with bronze with a little black!

My big birthday has prompted plenty of quiet contemplation and has affirmed one thing for me; be happy!  It has made me super happy to have collected a little bronze and blue inspiration for you. Combined with leather, marble, timber or wrought iron, this combination is easy on the eye, like a stormy sky and hot chocolate, and suddenly I am longing for a project to use this colour palette!!

Blue and bronze moodboard

Bronze with blue is not a colour palette you see regularly but is one of my favourites. Deep blue brings softness to a space whilst still making a bold statement. Bronze is earthy and warm. The two colours combined are deep, cosy, rich and refined.

I feel change coming. Family beware………