Practically Perfect Daybeds

Comfy couch by day, dreamy bed by night, daybeds are dangerous!! There is always the chance that a brief moment of respite with your favourite mag and cup of coffee, nestled amongst layers of cushions could turn into an accidental Nana nap……….

Then you wake with a start to discover you are late to pick the kids up from school and there is no possible way you are going to drop one off at the skate park and make it to ballet on time………..

The invention of the daybed borders on genius, they can be used in almost any room in the house, even outdoors. They can be placed in front of windows and work especially well if your space requires that the bed has to be pushed hard against the wall. A bed disguised as an oversized couch that manages to roll style, practicality and luxury all into one piece of furniture.

I think you need one. Just don’t put it in your office and decide that you deserve an afternoon break, even if you have been up since 5:30am and your feeling exhausted!!



Daybeds 2


Daybeds 3



I am feeling so inspired right now!! I have just been reading a blog post from Finding Home by McAlpine Tankersley Architecture where they share an interview with Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier conducted by Marni Jameson.
If you have not seen their work before, prepare to be amazed. They offer many different styles, none of which we tend to see here in Australia.
There homes are character filled, warm, inviting and brave. They encourage comfortable rooms that genuinely reflect the owner …….“Home is where, above all, you are who you are. When you mimic your own self and the contradictions that are you, you create an environment that is the only place in the whole world like that.” Everyone has a personal style, some just need a little help assembling it!!

McAlpine 5


McAlpine 2




McAlpine 4


McAlpine 7


McAlpine 6


McAlpine 8



Bathrooms need:

Details!!!! Other than the functional items that are required in a bathroom, there are some essentials items required for bathing bliss…….

Hero lighting will completely define the room, use it to set the mood. Make it big and make a statement. Practical fittings can be mounted closer to the mirrors if necessary.

Shelving is a must, providing a home for display using items such as candles, art, extra towels and whatever else takes your fancy.

Hooks and rails for hanging towels, robes and accessories.

Stools or seating to drape your dry towel or clothes on, so they are at the ready when you step out of your steamy bath or shower.

Greenery! Bring the outside in, it adds life to any room. Ferns, flowers, pots and plants. No matter if they are alive or pretend its a must.

Avoid the sterile, hospital look and add some colour, be it dramatic, playful, calming or cosy, colour creates an atmosphere like nothing else can.

Texture; rustic timber, fluffy towels and mats, sisal, rattan and baskets, metals such as copper, bronze and brass, these things dress the room, add layers to create the perfect bathroom.

Bathe 1

 All images via Pinterest


Table Styling

Found the most amazing table styling ideas this week, I think those of us with a love for decorating are starting to think about Christmas……..

Image via:

Image via:

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Style Your Kitchen

Kitchens. They are such a practical place, the heart of the home apparently.
Its actually the least favourite room of my home, not because I don’t like the fit out, it’s actually quite attractive (if I do say so myself), the reason I dislike it is because its all about chores. Cooking (obviously!), washing dishes, packing school lunches and all around lots of cleaning. BLAH. I spend so much time in the space, so, I’ve been contemplating how to style my kitchen in an attempt to add more fun.
I can rule out soft furnishings, except maybe tea towels, because fabric blinds or even a rug on the floor will just end up dirty :(
I am leaning towards, colour, repetition and line………


Clockwise from top left images sources: Verandah House,,, pinterest, Kayley Edwards Stenger,



Top Row: 1950’s French Shelving Restoration Hardware, Cheese boards Provincial Home Living, Druvflader Plant Pot IKEA, Lack Shelving IKEA Centre Row: Antique Copper Tray Zohi Interiors, Dark Mountain Wall Dot Pony Rider, Blackboard Art Pinterest, Herbs grown in cup and saucer Brit Co, Teatowels Etsy Store Gingiber. Bottom Row: Herbs in vintage tins Brit Co, photo display board Pinterest, Hampton Rattan Pendant Zohi Interiors, Artichaut Metal Decor Provincial Home Living, Bon Appetit Clock


So many ideas once I started looking. Shelves to add horizontal line and provide a place for display, bamboo or wicker blinds or light fittings to add texture, rows of framed images, blackboard art and the cool wall dot which is self adhesive and can be removed. A round theme started to emerge once I looked at clocks and trays for arranging a coffee plunger and mugs or a teapot, cups and saucers. Better still, fancy glass wear, a favourite liquor and scented candles. Why not light one and pour a drink while doing the dishes? Of course none of this will change the purpose of the space but it may help distract me from the monotony……..


I am riding the high from an incredible week of supporting my girl and her dance school at the local eisteddfod. I love this feeling!! I think its pride and awe and inspiration and exhaustion all rolled into one……
My little performer (who is almost as tall as me) describes dancing on stage like being in a dream, the music is her direction and things only go wrong if you wake up.
The well spoken, English dancer hired to adjudicate this September’s eisteddfod was kind, informative and inspirational.
He gave direction, noted the strengths of each performance and much to my delight provided insight into the origins of dance styles and in doing so helped us understand what he was looking for.
Picture this; the Tarantella was originally supposed to be a medicinal way to dance a spiders venom from your blood stream!!!!

This made me realise that understanding the origins of any style is extremely valuable, it creates a picture in your mind that can then transcend and evolve into something new and exciting.
Hands up if you hated history at school? I know I did, thought it was a complete waste of time. Until I studied design history. It may be because I’m getting old, but I now see that historical context helps us understand the visual component and the social significance of all our design choices……..

Late 17th century Spain - Restoration Hardware Steamer Trunks - RH 20th C. English Bar Cabinet - RH Heirloom Silver Trunk - Restoration Hardware


All images sourced from Restoration Hardware

Dark Horse

I am an avid reader of interior magazines, I religiously purchase Real Living, Belle, Home Beautiful and Vogue Living along with the occasional random selection each month. I probably should correct the word “reader” because to be completely honest I really don’t read that much of the content. I am too busy studying the images! I love to analyse and dissect to see if I can identify why I like or dislike them, what I think works and what doesn’t and why the magazines choose the images they publish. In any case, it boils down to personal taste but I still get a thrill each time I sit down with a new publication.
Recently though, I have become bored with the same pale colours in so many Australian homes, white, white and more white.
(more like cream, off white, beige, taupe and pastel) but the vast majority of spaces have pale walls. Its getting old. I predict a shift (because surely I can’t be the only one) toward darker, moodier finishes. We have enough daylight here in Oz to justify the use of darker finishes and besides, its cosier and dramatic and rich and beautifully decadent just like chocolate! How can that be wrong?? Yellowtrace have just featured an exclusive first look at Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast and its exciting……..

Dark horse web 2


Dark Horse web 1

Exposed brick

I suppose its a feature one might either love or hate, after all it dominates a space. I have pondered the decision for a while and settled upon loving it. Friends of mine have a room attached to their house which leaves exposed brick along one wall (what was the exterior of the house) and have asked my opinion on covering it/painting it/leaving it………
Initially I wasn’t sure because as it stands it looks a little dated. The longer I mulled over it, the more excited I became. Different concepts kept me awake at night (and distracted during the day). The raw, textured nature of the brick is versatile enough to work with so many styles and whats more the rest of their home gives off a contemporary vibe with a slightly rustic/industrial edge so with just a few tweaks………

Exposed Brick

Soft n Creamy

Its the middle of winter and I am cold and grumpy. My home is warm but the wind is blowing, its overcast and I don’t want to leave the house! I am craving cosy socks, a fluffy blanket, coffee and a good book……….

I have been working on a concept using cream and grey as the predominate colours and I’m excited! Its a combo that is soft and warm, spacious and cosy, interesting and neutral all at the same time. It works beautifully with timber and metal and black is the perfect accent!

Soft n creamy 2


Soft n creamy

Bedside Styling

Bedside tables chosen! Or at least I stole two of the nesting tables from the living area. They fit (if I turn one sideways) so that will have to do for now. I would like to be able to use them (how practical of me) but want them to look like a magazine photo too. Is this even possible? I need a lamp (hubby doesn’t) so there goes symmetry. Gotta have books, magazines, my notebook, a drink……….and styling solutions. Back to pinterest I go.

Bedside styling This would be pretty2

Styling with what you have

And this immersing image is an inspiring example of styling with what you have. No headboard (although insanely beautiful brick wall), sketches and magazine tear sheets for art and the frames stacked on the floor. Such cleverness, so real. So from this I will stop wanting to buy things and go searching through what I already have……..

And here it is!

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

For now………